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Like every tarot fan I have a special deck of cards I can't do without.

It is very old, the cards are worn out and the case is falling apart but the images talk to me in a special way and I wouldn't dream of throwing it away.

I bought it many years ago in a small shop. Every day I was passing by the window and the temptation to buy it was getting stronger at each passage.

I was a student living on a very tight budget and certainly splurging on an extravagance such as a tarot deck was the last thing I needed especially considering I never had tarot cards before.

Finally, one day I got into the shop and I asked to have a look at the deck.
I took it in my hands and the images were so captivating that I simply couldn't put it back.

It was the reproduction of an Italian antique tarot deck and its rich imagery was so attractive that after all this years it is still my favorite deck.

That same evening the tarot deck was spread on my kitchen table and I was studying it intently. My adventure with tarot cards had started.

That tarot deck is still with me, it holds a special place in my collection among the many other decks that I acquired over the years and is still my favorite.

I lovingly restored the images and now you can enjoy it too!

How to Receive Your Free Printable Tarot Cards

Do you have a favorite tarot deck?

Was it given to you or did you find it in a shop and bought it? What makes it special? What is the story behind it?

Share the story and some pictures of your favorite tarot deck and receive the beautiful Major Arcana of an antique Italian tarot deck to download for free!

Make the story as engaging as possible because only the best stories will receive the tarot deck!

Receiving your free printable tarot cards is easy. Just tell us in the form below what is your favorite tarot deck, why you like it, how you acquired it, add some pictures from the deck and you'll receive the cards you see on this page to download.

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Enjoy your cards!

What Is Your Favorite Tarot Deck?

Do you have a favorite tarot deck? Let other tarot fans know about that special deck and receive free printable tarot cards!
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What Other Visitors Have Shared

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Universal Waite and Brian Williams' Renaissance 
I "bonded" with the Universal Waite and Brian Williams' Renaissance Tarot. There's no other "why" than I saw images of them online and knew those were …

I don't like the images as much as the other beautiful decks (esp. the vintage ones) but I do like the round shape, which allows for a more nuanced reading …

Marseille Tarot Deck 
My favorite tarot deck was given to me by a friend many years ago as a gift for my birthday. Since then I never felt the need for another deck of tarots. …

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck Not rated yet
My favorite deck is The Modern Witch Tarot Deck. I got it online and had it delivered to Brasil, because once I saw it, I knew I had to have it! I love …

Original rider deck Not rated yet
They were my mom's they are old but still good. I got them after she past from a long illness. They'll always be my fav!

Tarot noir Not rated yet
Gloomy interpretation of classical Tarot of Marseilles, perfect for dark aesthetics lovers.

Mystical Shaman Oracle  Not rated yet
Fantastic cards for those seeking guidance on the spiritual journey of life or healing, these cards are great! Xx

Rider Waite Not rated yet
I only have one deck at the moment but I want to expand my collection.

Cat Tarot Not rated yet
I love cats, when a I see the cat tarot with all types of cats i'm amazed.

Tarot of Marseilles Not rated yet
I'm just beginning my journey with the Tarot, but I've never been fond of things that "everyone else has", which is why I prefer the deck of Marseilles. …

Minchiate Eturia Not rated yet
As an astrologer, I appreciate the inclusion of celestial symbols in Tarot Decks. Specially in Antique decks!

Rider waite Not rated yet
I love this tarot deck because it's classic and most accurately depicted.

The Light Seers Tarot Not rated yet
I love old style tarot decks , I have the Visconti-Sforza deck and many old decks but when I saw the light seers deck, i was instantly bonded to the images …

El gran tarot esoterico Not rated yet
I like this tarot deck because it looks vintage and beautiful whether its printed in 1992 and I just bought it from a friend this year (march 2020)

The Starchild Tarot Deck Not rated yet
I'm not very submerged into the tarot world yet, but I'm trying to learn more about it! :)

Rider Waite Not rated yet
I love this tarot deck because it's classic and most accurately depicted.

Nine of Swords Not rated yet
Once I had a tarot card and it was a nine of swords, it helped me achieve inner peace and I loved it and used it to achieve relaxation and happiness. …

White Rider Not rated yet
My favorite deck is the White Rider, because I am a Kabbalah student, and this deck is the perfect match with de codes of the Tree of Life!

Akashic Tarot Not rated yet
A unique tarot deck, very compatible with me, I found it by chance online, on my birthday.

Prima Visions and Golden Thread Tarots Not rated yet
They're absolutely stunning. I like the colors/art of Prima and I think black and gold is very elegant!

As a lover of all things Italian, the Tarrochino Lombardo Tarot speaks to me because of it's origins and history. I love the artistry and illustrations. …

Hermetic Tarot Not rated yet
It's a amazing deck . There are so many symbolism in it that you find every time a new one.

Morgan Greer Tarot Not rated yet
I love the artwork and bright bold colors!

Rider Waite Not rated yet
It was my first tarot deck. I printed it out myself and I think that created a stronger bond between the cards and I. I love how antique it looks and its …

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Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Sveta Dorosheva Not rated yet
I love love love these cards!! unfortunately Sveta never completed her Major Arcana. I would have done anything to get my hands on a deck of these! She …

I Tarocchi dei Visconti  Not rated yet
The Visconti tarot is my favorite deck. I've only had this deck for a couple of days, but they are already my favorites! I had a small Marseille …

Raider White Not rated yet
The deck is how I was introduced to the tarot, so it's what I always return to, a sort of "first love" :-)

Thoth  Not rated yet
I found this deck in a free book pile, so I guess you could say it found me. I love the expressiveness of the pips!

Anna K Tarot Not rated yet
Immediately when I saw this deck being used in a tarot course online, I fell in love with it. Every card tells a story. It's not just people standing. …

Raider Waite Not rated yet
I really wanted to know the ins and outs of tarot cards, truth to tell, I only know this deck because they told me it was the universal tarot deck. …

Tarot Book of the Shadows Not rated yet
I'm a wiccan witch since the age 14 and this tarot from the book of shadows is very good. I found it last year but first I used the Lenormand deck. …

Robin Wood Not rated yet
This has been my go-to for years, but now I am ready for a different deck!

Druid Craft Not rated yet
I Love my Druid Craft tarot as it has an affinity with me. It is the First Deck I bought for myself and surprisingly I was not into Tarot at that time, …

The Robin Wood Deck Has Quite a Bond with Me  Not rated yet
This deck was my 2nd deck. My first was too small to really read, and seemed childlike. I spent lots of time with it deployed in the desert, and then …

The Mystic Tarot Not rated yet
I've used this deck for over 25 years. I was initially drawn to the Mythology but then later became very comfortable with them and it's the first deck …

Black Tarot Deck Not rated yet
This is black tarot deck. It's dark and full of mysterious symbols for me. Graphics are, in my opinion , more appealing than the imagery from the classic …

The Goddess Deck  Not rated yet
I obtained a deck while working at a Metaphysical shop. I had no prior mystical experience, so needless to say it was a Majikal Summer. I quickly learned …

The Ancient Egyption Tarot -Clive Barrett Not rated yet
Though not my very first deck it will always be my favorite. I connected with those cards like none other before or since. It was actually the deck that …

Classic Tarot Cards Not rated yet
Actually I'm not a magician card mystique or something like that but im so interested with all classic stuff, including this tarot card deck. I am …

Raider Waite Not rated yet
Its the best! Always accurate! Amazing artwork!

Saints and Angels by Doreen Virtue Not rated yet
I was told from a very young age I had a gift, that the Angels did communicate to me with signs and symbols. I would often see the number 444 which …

Nusantara Tarot Not rated yet
it's so indonesian!

Black Tarot Not rated yet
I'm not really much of a talker, but I like the Black Tarot images and the fact that it's in several languages. About the only things I don't like are …

Ancient Egyptian Tarot Deck Not rated yet
This was my favorite deck, and my first one, for many, many years. I purchased it at bookstore after spending about three weeks looking for a deck that …

Free Rider Waite Tarot Deck Not rated yet
I like this deck because the images make it easy for me to understand what they mean to me. I'm a beginner in this area and I would really love to …

raider waite vibrant Not rated yet
I really enjoy the first deck I learned with, but with a little bit of a kick (hence the vibrance part). But I am ready to move on to a new deck, preferably …

Italian Antique Tarot Cards Not rated yet
I like this deck because it looks so antique. I happened to stumble upon this deck because I am researching gypsy seances and other forms of spiritualism …

Osho Zen Tarot Not rated yet
I love the Osho Zen Tarot deck, because I love their high vibration messages and they were a gift from my late God mother.

The Templar deck  Not rated yet
The Templar Deck is probably one of my favorites. It has very rich imagery to use for interpretation, and excite the imagination.

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Salvador Dali Tarot Not rated yet
I was an art history student in college and had been reading tarot cards since I was in junior high school. About 5 years after I graduated 2 friends …

Shakespearean Tarot Not rated yet
I found it in a Charmed episode in season 6 "Spin City". It's a beautiful deck and I'm hoping to purchase it soon!

Dream Tarot Not rated yet
The Dream Tarot is a lovely tarot deck that looks very mysterious and dreamlike and I just love it! I've had it for a few hears now and it really speaks …

Vintage Tarot Deck Not rated yet
I've never actually owned one before but my cousin did and she had one that was so very old and the images were hand crafted. I loved the pictures …

Charmed Tarot Cards Not rated yet
I was a such a huge fan of Charmed, I was saddened to find out the series was ending, then I stumbled on Charmed Tarot cards, each one with images of all …

The New Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene Not rated yet
I bought the 'New Mythic Tarot' through a book club I was in about ten years ago and I still love using this deck as the pictures are beautifully illustrated …

Thoth Tarot Deck Not rated yet
The Regardie deck (Golden Dawn) is an awesome tool for learning the meanings of the cards, however, the Thoth deck is an awesome expression of Crowley's …

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