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Free Yes or No Tarot Reading | The Yes No Oracle is You!

Tarot readings can be given to people who are trying to make a decision. If you have read our previous posts on asking the right questions for your tarot cards readings, then you will know that we do NOT recommend asking yes or no questions. However, although we may not want to ask the cards that way it is possible for others to be interested in yes or no questions.

The Yes or No Oracle is… YOU

The secret is that YOU are the oracle. Ok, maybe you already know that, and maybe you have many clients asking for your readings. Still, I must share my take on this:
I believe that in you, there lives an omnipotent energetic being who created worlds before the day you were born in this physical body. As a spiritual being, you already have the answers. A spiritual being like you does not need anyone else to tell what is right or wrong. Some of the answers you get from your energetic other self (Nagual) are whispered in a faint voice that is difficult to hear due to the noise of everyday life.

Get a Personal Yes No Tarot Reading

We want to empower you, not hypnotize you into believing that something “outside ” of yourself knows better than your heart. That is why we hope that you will use answers given to Yes and No questions as suggestions only!
For example, if you get a Yes but your body for an instant goes against it, then listen to your embodied intuition and decide from within whether the suggested answer actually is correct.
If you still want to do a tarot Yes or no spread at your own peril, then go ahead and see our offers from tarot card oracles (other than you).

Answering Yes No Questions Using Tarot

Free Yes or No Tarot Reading

Some believe that each card has a positive or negative meaning to help you reach an instant yes or no answer.
However, sometimes it can be challenging to distill each card of the tarot deck into a simple yes or no interpretation. Many of your questions are more nuanced and need more than than just a positive or negative interpretation. In fact, many cards can be both positive or negative depending on the situation. This is where your own feeling comes in.
Some believe that if a tarot deck has many meanings, it is difficult to give accurate answers without an advanced spread. These cases are where iFate’s No tarot reading is the best. However, some market iFate and other “advanced” spread in a way that tricks you into believing that you need help from someone “outside” of yourself. We believe that you already have the answers in you.
If you still want to get more nuanced answers, at the risk of becoming more confused rather than gain clarity, then you can try a more complex tarot spread and a more in-depth free tarot reading. Again, you do this at your own risk. YOU are the oracle!

Yes or No Tarot Spreads - What to Do With Them?

What can we do to help? It’s all about making decisions. Our job is to help people who seek the guidance of the tarot to make better decisions. These spreads are intended to help you make better decisions. These brief spreads will help you understand the options and make the answers more useful than just yes/no answers. The client may not be satisfied even if they are looking for a definitive answer.

Common Types of Yes or No Questions

You can divide yes/no questions into multiple types. Different spreads will work for each type. These are not the only common questions I have seen.

Does he/she like or dislike me?

Will this/that happen?

Should I do this/that?

Supporting / Opposing Factors Yes or No Tarot Spread

This is one of my favorite tips. There is no black or white answer to yes/no questions. It is better to break it down into supporting or opposing factors. This works well for all types of yes/no questions. This is also one of the spreads that could be expanded. Learn more about how you can help prevent this from happening. Add another support card to the mix!

Factors supporting

Factors against

What you need to know the most

Mind / Body / Spirit Yes or No Tarot Spread

These are brief spreads that can help you gain actionable insight to help you move forward. These spreads can be flexible and don’t always need to include three cards. However, we recommend that you keep it at three. You can add more cards to expand the reading. You can find out more details below.

Answering Yes No Questions Using Tarot For Success

This spread can help you find out what your person wants and needs when you ask them the “Should” question. Each one represents a different aspect of the querent. This helps to build a larger picture of how to align with your true self.
Many yes/no questions revolve around some kind of goal. If I ask, “Will you live a laptop lifestyle?” the goal is clearly the joy and freedom of a laptop lifestyle. The spread breaks down those goals into steps. This spread can be expanded by adding steps to the “Steps to Success” section.

Tarot Yes / No Spread Scenarios

Sometimes yes or no questions are asked out of anxiety. One way to deal with anxiety is to imagine the possible outcomes and confront them head-on. Sometimes, what we think is the most frightening thing might not actually be that scary. And sometimes, what we want to happen may not be very good for us.
That’s all! How do you ask yes or no questions about the tarot cards? What has been your relationship with them? Do you think they have helped or hindered your life?


Should I say yes or no in a love tarot reading?

It is a matter of dispute whether Yes/No readings work well with Tarot. Here’s my view: The future is unpredictable and you can change it, right now. And it begins with your intentions and thoughts.
Yes, it is possible to get an exact Yes or No at any given moment. But as time goes on, we assert our freedom and make other decisions.
The message’s richness can be limited by asking yes/no questions. Tarot’s beauty is its ability to reveal the truth behind a situation, the influences and energies around it, and the best actions that you can take in order to stay on the same path or change your direction. Unexplored Yes/No answers can be very restrictive.

How do you read the yes or no tarot card?

I have been asked numerous times if I can give a Tarot reading that will answer your question. I have mastered the art of giving a Yes/No reading, while still respecting the depths of Tarot. These are my golden nuggets.

Give 'em a Yes, No or Maybe

Take a look at each card in your Tarot deck. You will want to place the cards that you think are most likely to signify Yes in one pile. You’ll find your No cards in a different pile. You’ll find your Maybe cards in a third pile.
You might, for example, flip the Sun over, which is a very safe Yes. You might flip the Tower, which can be a strong No. The Seven of Cups with the man vacillating among all possible options might be more of a Maybe.
Before you give a Tarot card reading, it is important that you have a personal list of Yes/No cards. Otherwise, you may be tempted to alter your answer to suit your needs.
It’s fun to make your own cards list. However, if time is tight or you need some help, I have a PDF of the cards that I believe form a Yes/No or Maybe.

Upright Vs. Reversed Tarot Card

When in doubt keep it simple. If the Tarot card is upright you have a Yes. It’s a Yes if it’s inverted.
This technique requires that your deck contains a balance of upright and reversed cards. Always cut the deck and turn the cards 180° from top to bottom. Then reshuffle. You can repeat this process several times until you have the same number of reversed and upright cards.
This is a very simple technique that gives you an answer. It doesn’t allow for deeper reading.

Favorable or Unfavourable Cards

The idea that the future is unpredictable can be made more flexible by changing a yes or no answer into a flexible Favourable/Unfavourable. Language such as “favorable” and “unfavorable” allows for the possibility of circumstances changing as they occur in life.
It’s possible to say it’s probable, it’s not likely, or very unlikely. This is a way of softening Yes/No answers and adding extra room if you, like me feel uncomfortable delivering a definite yes or no.

The Yes, If...No, If..., Maybe

Let’s suppose you want to find out if you will buy a house in the next year. The Seven of Pentacles is drawn, which sounds positive. Add a “Yes, but” to your interpretation. If you are willing to work hard over the long-term, and yes, if your goal is to save money and make savings, then you can answer “Yes” to this question.
Let’s now say that you answer the same question and draw the Tower. If something unexpected occurs, no. One interpretation might be “It looks unlikely that I will buy a home, perhaps because of something else that is going to occur that will turn things upside down a bit.”
It can be extended even further. One card might be drawn for Yes, If and one for No, If. Let’s take our example. The Seven of Cups is drawn for our Yes, If, which means there are many options available to you. It’s telling you that you have many options if you want a house to buy this year. You then draw another card for No. If and get Three of Wands. This could be a sign you are moving or traveling abroad, not the best time to buy a home.
It’s a great way to answer Yes/No questions. Now you can really tap into the potential Tarot cards and give more options.
As you can see, my belief is that Yes and No answers to Tarot cards are often conditional. It might be Yes if something happens or No if a situation remains the same.

Take the card straight up (simply interpret it)

Let’s suppose we get the Empress to answer your question about horse riding. The Empress may be on your No List of Cards, but because you are asking about moving, you might look at the Empress to realize that this person is actually going through a change.
This is a great technique if you can handle some uncertainty and ambiguity in your Tarot card readings, and you have mastered the meanings of the cards in such a manner that you are able to read more fluidly.

How to use tarot cards to answer questions?

There are a few surefire ways to answer yes or no Tarot questions. Do that successfully, I have found these principles to help:
  1. Prepare. If you don’t know the answer, don’t ask.
  2. Be disciplined. If you don’t like the answer, stop drawing more cards.
  3. Avoid asking questions that are biased towards a negative outcome. One might ask, “Will I go through a breakup and be alone for the rest of my life?”. It might be better to ask “How can I ensure I can have the greatest relationship of my life?”

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