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I had been in a relationship with a guy for about 2 years.
During those 2 years I tried to breakup with him several times because he always lied and hurt me but every time he convinced me and I ended up reuniting with him.

About six months ago I broken up with him because he was not willing to commit and I was sick of his unpredictable behavior.

I really had a hard time after all this but I had to take this decision.

Then, few weeks ago, I met another guy whom I really liked at first sight. I tried to know about him but I didn't get any response from his side.

I would like to ask what was the reason for my past relationship failure?
Will this new guy ever come into my life and take me out of this painful situation?


Your Situation
Ten of Swords
Something has come to its irrevocable end and you feel a deep sense of loss and sadness. Remember that once you reached the bottom the only way to go is up.

Four of Swords
You need rest and relaxation. You need a break after a period of struggle to regroup your energies, calm your mind and renew your body. Try to see things in perspective.

Queen of Wands
You need to concentrate on practical matters, your career and business. Concentrate on your interests and nurture your independent and assertive side.

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