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Free Three Card Tarot Reading for Confused

I recently met a guy whom I found very kind and sweet.

I wanted to make him my friend but I was unable to approach him because I was not sure about his feelings for me.

I feel that he doesn't possess any feelings for me because so far I haven't got any response from his side that's why I am holding back.

I would like to know what do I need to know about this guy?Will this guy reciprocate my feelings one day?
Is he the one for me?

Your Free Three Card Tarot Reading

1st Card
Nine of Pentacles
You are comfortable with yourself and you can enjoy your talents and resources.

2nd Card
King of Wands
Your talent will help you achieve and important goal. This card heralds a romantic relationship.

3rd Card Strength
Rely on your inner strength and gentleness to solve your problem. Use your tact and diplomacy.

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