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Free Tarot Reading: My Life with Horses

by Hana

When I was younger I used to ride horses and when my mum was younger she used to ride horses, same with my gran!

However, I now want to get back in riding! The reason why is because we've been watching a program about a girl who lives on a ranch in Canada and works with horses!

My question is: will horses have a big part in my life?


Seven of Cups
Right now you need to concentrate and focus on what is really important for you. You feel stuck, unable to choose one of the many options in front of you.

The Emperor
Use your rational thinking to help you decide. A mentor may be able to help you.

The Empress
You feel your energies blocked but don’t despair.

Ten of Wands
You may feel overwhelmed by too many commitments but, remember that you have enough energies to reach your goal.

Knight of Wands
Something is about to change in your life and your enthusiasm will help you make your dream come true.

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Sep 07, 2015
Free Reading for Hana
by: Christine

Hello Hana,

Your question was if horses will be a part of your life?

The card I drew was 2 of Swords. This card indicates some sort of contract, perhaps a work contract. Maybe you should research how to get a job working with horses and what the requirements would be for such a job. Be sure to show the interviewer how passionate and knowledgeable about horses you are. Also, be persistent.

It is also possible to get a volunteer job working with horses in order to gain experience.

There are many professions that allow one to work with horses.
Research them on the internet.

You can also work on a ranch with horses.

When you are ready, you will be able to work with horses, if that is still your choice.

What will help you is if you obtain pictures of horses, put them in your room, and everyday, focus on yourself being with and working with horses. Don't just observe. Really put yourself in that picture.

Hope this reading has helped you. If you want to leave feedback or have any questions, please feel free to reply back.

Thank you.


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