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Free Tarot Reading for Lonely and Forgotten

I got my free reading on on love.
I am so down and out and, as Cyndi had said, I draw emotional people to me even in stores as if they know me and I am always there for them, even if my day is so depressed I won't let them see.
I have been this way all my life and I can feel and know something is going to happen or fixing to happen.
The morning of my last day of getting to be with my wonderful best friend I would start crying and something didn't feel right and I ask God what is this I'm feeling?
Well it was my husband's death and this is the worse thing I have ever went through and still going through.Can you please tell me if RLM and I are getting back together or is God going to send me someone who really loves me and I him.
Since my husband's passing I have been going down financially and do you see if I'll ever get back on my feet and be happy again.
I Thank you for the free reading and I didn't know if I could submit another request for a reading.
Please forgive if I wasn’t suppose to. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
May God Bless You Always. You are doing a Great thing for a lot of people on your site.


Knight of Pentacles
Work on reorganizing your finances: patience and honesty will be rewarded.

Queen of Swords
It is time to stand for yourself and define your priorities. Use your keen sense of discrimination and rational thought.

Ace of Pentacles
Beware of poor planning and rash decisions.

The Hanged Man
Take your time to reevaluate your attitudes and goals in life. You might have to make a sacrifice to achieve a greater good.

The Star
Do not despair. This card is a promise of good fortune, inspiration and joy. Develop your special talents and rely on your intuition.

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May 15, 2014
by: M

Thank you again!!You have been so true on my readings that it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!You are doing a Great Honor for people for FREE and so honest and so true in the reading because what was going on in my life you answered me in the reading.Thank You again and May God Bless You.

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