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I haven't been particularly lucky in my life. Maybe I was born under a bad sign and suffered from bad luck as long as I can remember. If there's a curse, what can I do to make changes? How do I become successful in life's all areas?

I feel that I don't get what I truly deserve. I'm grateful for all good things that has happens to me, but still I never get promoted or even getting a husband. I seem to get everything else such as befriended celebrities and helping people in need. But nobody really help me out when I need it.

How do I change my life to the better?

Love and light,



Ace of Wands
You have a lot of energy at you disposal. This is a good time to start something new, keep your mind open to new opportunities. Use your creativity and entrepreneurial abilities.

Seven of Wands
Be ready for challenge and confrontation, your determination will save the day.

Seven of Cups
You need to stop daydreaming and start focusing on realistic goals.

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