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The man I remained interested in for so long changed his mind suddenly and now has cut me off rudely.
After we broke off our rapport last July, I tried to get back together and he encouraged me a bit to a point but when push came to shove, he made as many excuses as he could, not to meet me.. over 4 instances of the same.
Now since 1st Jan, he has completely cut me off, my early Christmas wishes were answered after some days with a missed call notification that I got due to lack of coverage of my network and thereafter nothing and New Year messages all 3 of them sent to his local number, his international one and on FB have been completely ignored.
He is in touch with my Aunt (whom I know fleetingly) and while he appreciates her, looks at me with disdain. She was lucky to have her own suitor wait more than a decade for her and he had initially warned me he would never wait for me like that, though I never asked for such a thing but wanted just wanted a few months time to make up my mind about marriage.. (we knew each other for four months before things suddenly went sour in July).
I guess this certainly wasn't true love though he gave me much warmth and support before changing abruptly and causing me to break off with a long tearful message in July.
I felt compelled to, coz he didn't reply to my messages and calls over a period of two weeks before that and later admitted to having visited nearby in that period without informing me (we live in different countries and he visits mine to see his family often).
Later I blamed myself and wanted it to work especially since on my asking, he claimed to have no one else.. I am depressed and hurt now. He has already visited again in October and December but avoided me even though I offered to travel over 14 hours and meet him several times. Since his silence on 1st Jan I have stayed away from him and remained quiet.
Nevertheless I feel I have been treated now like an enemy, not a friend, that maybe his words of encouragement were said only to let me attempt meeting him and then be vengefully hurt and mentally tortured. The memories of the good moments we had, keep haunting me and I keep asking Why? Why did he change? How can he forget everything so easily? Was he always just acting a part?
I had turned down a live-in weekend with him just before his behaviour changed in July coz I thought it was wrong for me and would lead to sin. So, was that his only intention then? to tempt me? and when he failed he dropped me? and when I tried to get back why did he play hot and cold ?
Now, a new suitor is entering my life, who is a few months younger than me and am not sure if I am doing the right thing by starting anew. I still wonder whether my old love cares or is hurt etc. and all my friends advise me to keep away from him and keep what's left of my self-worth. Would like some indicators...

Seven of Wands
Your past is filled with conflict, confrontation and challenges.
Queen of Swords
At the moment you are alone but in command of your own destiny.
Wheel of Fortune
A sudden turn of events may change your situation. Rapid changes may offer new opportunities.
King of Pentacles
Not far from you is someone reliable and trustworthy.
The Tower
A dramatic change in your life will reveal a hidden truth.

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