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Free Tarot for Lily

My name is L. P. and I need your help.
I have been in a very hard relationship with my boyfriend for nearly two years now.

We have been on and off several times, and he has been doing things that I find extremely hurtful. I have been depressed to the point of physically hurting myself out of stress and depression.

I love him too much to leave him, and he says he wants to marry me, and everyone seems to think that he loves me.

I wish to ask this question, I beg you to answer it.

What can I do to bring him closer to me? I thank you for reading this, and I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you would help.


Ace of Pentacles
You seem to have great resources but you undervalue them. Use your intelligence to make something worth of them.

The Sun
Do not fight ease and contentment. Enjoy it.

The Star
After a hard time a better situation will follow. Have Faith.

The Tower
The truth may suddenly shatter the tower you build. Be aware of overdramatizing.

The Devil
Be aware of your obsessions. Moderation is the key.

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Sep 06, 2015
Free Reading for Lily
by: Christine

Hello L.P.,

Your question was: how can I draw my boyfriend closer to me?

The card that I drew for you was Queen of Cups, which corresponds to Scorpio. This card indicates that you should be self-possessed and to put yourself first. Do not worry about him. You have love within your heart and you do not need to connect to him to find love. You do not need him at all. Know that you have options and that you can use the law of attraction to manifest anything that you want.

This card is also a sexual card and sex or sex energy might be a big part of why you keep hanging on in this relationship. When I say sexual energy, I mean the life giving energy that you feel when you become involved with anyone. You should find another source to get this energy from. That way you will never have to depend on another person to feel good or full of life ever again.

When you are self-possessed and have your own source of life or well-being, then other people including your boyfriend will be drawn to you. I can't guarantee that if you do this he will marry you, but whether he does or does not doesn't really matter because you don't really need him.

The Queen of Cups card is an extremely charismatic and magnetic card and has the ability to attract a great number of partners to herself. This is your potential if you find your own source of love, life energy, happiness without having to rely on another person for this connection.

I hope this reading has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply back.

Thank you.


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