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What Other Visitors Have Said

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The Five of Batons 
Five is the number of change and Batons deals with th energy of life. For me the Five of Batons represents me in this always changing Universe. …

Queen of Swords 
Like the Queen of Swords, I have known sorrow. I possess a sharp mind and equally sharp tongue, tend to cut to the heart of the matter, and reach decisions …

The Ten of Cups 
When I first started using tarot cards I admit I was a bit skeptical. One morning I asked the cards what was in store for me that day. They revealed the …

Ace Tarot Cards 
I want the ace of swords on my side. I know this is what I am because as I read this card the card reads me. As one of the meanings of the card …

Your Printable Tarot Deck: The Moon 
Have you ever found yourself staring up at the moon not quite sure where you are going in life? Though my story has nothing really to do with the meaning …

the Hermit Not rated yet
I identify myself more with the hermit because I prefer being alone and I always tend to isolate myself, specially when I have to take important decisions …

The Hierophant and not just because its my birth card. Not rated yet
Initially I was turned off by the overly church/religious influences of the Hierophant from the original RWS images. But after I discovered that the Hierophant …

The Hierophant because it is my birth card Not rated yet
There are so many cards that I see a part of myself in and many others I don't wish to see myself in, so instead I'll go with the Hierophant as it is my …

The Hermit Not rated yet
“Taking the path of the will, I have reached the highest peak. I was a flame, then heat, then cold light. Here I am the one who shines, who summons, …

My card is the Hermetic Not rated yet
Hello there :) My story maybe is not so interesting but is mine :) at first, I was thinking the Tarot cards are some stupid fun for bored ladies, till …

The Magician  Not rated yet
“ Skill, diplomacy, address, subtlety, pain, loss, disaster, snares of enemies; self-confidence..” Since I was a little kid, all of these have been shown …

The Devil Not rated yet
The devil gives me a strong connection with myself, this card is the solution of my problems.

The Star Not rated yet
"The Fool is now free and ready for new hope, the stars show him a new path to enlightenment."

The Hermit Not rated yet
Since my childhood, I have a longing to connect more into myself and to nature. I started out with rune-reading in high school. I figured it was more …

The Hermit Not rated yet
La carta que sin duda me representa es la de "el ermitaño" La mejor forma que he encontrado para describir cómo soy es que yo "vivo para adentro", disfruto …

The Hermit Not rated yet
The card that represents me the most is the hermit . The hermit is always in search of knowledge , wisdom but in a peaceful way , the search for the inner …

Los Enamorados Not rated yet
Por las fechas de mi nacimiento me corresponde ese Arcano Mayor. Y durante mi experiencia vital he tenido que tomar decisiones constantemente. También …

Reversed three of swords Not rated yet
I have been struggling with social anxiety and depression all my life, and have just started to make amends to myself and being more open.

The Hermit Not rated yet
I first fell in love with the Hermit in the Guilded Tarot. I gasped and then clutched him to my heart. The connection literally took my breath away. …

The Lovers Not rated yet
I relate to all the cards being us but I most relate to the Lovers and see it as me in duality and my relationship with my higher self. :)

The Magician is on fireee! Not rated yet
The Magician...I have discovered this meanwhile I was performing a ritual. Last year I was (unhappily) unemployed for 6 months and I decided to make an …

The Moon  Not rated yet
It's the card that Resembles me the most, I'm always dreaming about anything and I get to illusion very fast, that's what the moon card represents .

The Moon Not rated yet
The moon represents the dreams and illusions. I'm constantly in my own world and let my instincts flow.

La Sacerdotisa  Not rated yet
Siento que la sacerdotisa me representa x los secretos que guarda, porque en cierta forma es una mujer que llama la atención pero se guarda para ella misma …

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The Death Not rated yet
I was first introduced to tarot cards when I was forced to read the book "Down River" by John Hart in the 7th grade. I know this is what I am because …

Wheel of Fortune Not rated yet
i love new positive beginnings & throw away old, unusable ways, so always challenge myself for it & let life to complete the energy & help me to start …

Mylene Roel Not rated yet
La carta que mejor me retrata es el arcano XIII pues me encuentro en constante renovación.

Ask the fool how not to do it Not rated yet
As represented by the fool card, in life I find myself at the bottom a lot, with bumps and bruises from the fall. Sometimes the fall is so fast I hardly …

The lovers! Not rated yet
Very passional person, lover of life, and the whole universe as one.

Fool Not rated yet
I understand the Fool's Journey intimately because I've lived it and been transformed by it.

El Sol  Not rated yet
Celebrando contenta, conversando y expresando a los otros esa alegría. Equilibrio y tranquilidad. Época de compartir algo de nosotros.

The Hermit Not rated yet
I stood at the top of the rise, maglight shining on the smooth worn stones of the path that I'd climbed. It had been a tough, steep climb. I had had …

Queen of Pentacles Not rated yet
I was first introduced to tarot cards when I was forced to read the book "Down River" by John Hart in the 7th grade. It was part of our required reading …

6 of Swords Not rated yet
Every day is a different card for me. As a Libra, I am drawn to all the cards, but I have just recently been told by an unexpected person that I have a …

The Strength Tarot  Not rated yet
My card is Strength which I have always shown towards myself and others. I have been brought up in a very caring and protective environment but grew up …

All Major Arcana Cards  Not rated yet
I identify with all major arcana cards depending on the day. From the fool right through to the sun I can be sure to draw the card that will truly represent …

My Card is The Fool Not rated yet
As I continue my journey I am each of the cards in turn. Each is a stop along the wheel of life and a learning experience. My journey is much like that …

Justice Not rated yet
Although everything would seem personal Justice seems to always be there, ready for me to start something new and to explore it, starting a new beginning …

The Knight of Wands Not rated yet
Like the Knight of Wands, my mind momentarily dances... Then prances on. In search for truths that I can use in my goings ons... Like a flame to the …

The World Not rated yet
I chose the world as when I get my cards read or do my own this card comes in more times then not. I have had a long personal and spiritual journey …

The Tower Tarot Not rated yet
Four years ago, I lost my house during the economic marker turn. I can't tell you how many times the tower card came out during those years. At the same …

The Magician Tarot Card Not rated yet
I am learning to manipulate the universe to bring about what I need and want in life by thinking positive energy and willing a request on a happiest thought …

Temperance Not rated yet
I am temperance. I'm a libra so the balancing aspect of the temperance card works well with my disposition. I tend to be a peace-maker and am good at negotiating …

The Ten of Cups Not rated yet
This card represents a couple of interesting things to me. I identify with it because, I believe it represents positive aspects of home and family which …

The Sun Tarot Card Not rated yet
I feel that at my current stage of life, the Sun card is the best representative. I spent two years lost and confused about life, spirituality, and …

The Empress Tarot Card Not rated yet
Everything that embodies the principle character of the empress is deep seeded within me. I am a spiritual teacher, free spirit, guardian of the truth, …

The Hermit Not rated yet
I have worked among people all my life, as a Christian pastor and Bible teacher for many years, as an ambulance paramedic in a major city, and as a …

Printable Tarot Deck: Queen of Wands Not rated yet
Many know Taurus is associated with the Heirophant but I feel I identify with cards other than that one. I am the Queen of Wands. I know this because …

The Star Not rated yet
"The Fool is now free and ready for new hope, the stars show him a new path to enlightenment." Thoughtout my life, I have had 'abilities' that made …

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The Chariot Not rated yet
I have gone through many difficulties in my life: from an abusive relationship, to a death of someone I was very close to in my family, to people telling …

Two of Cups Not rated yet
I believe the Two of Cups represents the union of two people. I have the luck of having an incredible relationship that, contrary to what you can expect, …

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Not rated yet
Ever wonder if the stars are lined up just right for you? Or maybe that penny you picked up was lucky after all? Either way, it seems like my fortune …

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