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Free Love Tarot Reading: Will I Get My Soulmate Back?

I need a free love tarot reading because I am heartbroken.

I fell so deeply in love with the love of my life two years ago.

When I met him he told me he was separated from his wife but I found out four months ago that he had lied and he was still living unhappily with her.

I basically left him but he wouldn't leave me alone. He was crying and begging me and after he explained the situation, I took him back.

I know he is very unhappy, I know we are soul mates and he has never been in love before.

He is a muslim who had an arranged marriage to his first cousin at the age of seventeen. He also has three kids.

Three months after we got back together he started the divorce, we planned our future and we were together day and night.

We were so in love and so happy apart from his family threatening him.

He is a devoted father that will always go and see the kids. The family made this very difficult emotionally, blackmailing him and telling him that they will take the kids away if he doesn't go back.

He was very emotional and depressed and told me that they will destroy us if he doesn't go back to his marriage.

Two weeks ago he just disappeared and went back to his unhappy, controlling wife and I haven't spoken to him since. I'm left heartbroken!

I just want to know if there is any hope and what will be the outcome of this situation. Will he come back to me?

Your Free Love Tarot Reading

I based your reading on the free tarot spread you can find on this page. I hope it will help you in this difficult moment.

1 Card: Us
The Empress
You are ready for a satisfying and fruitful relationship.

2 Card: Barriers
King of Wands
There is an inflexible opposition by a strong authority.

3 Card: Choices
Two of Swords
You are facing a dilemma and you feel immobilized by indecision. It is time to make an important resolution based on reality, not on emotions.

4 Card: Expression
Ace of Pentacles
You need to express yourself in a new project. It is a good moment to start an enterprise that will bring prosperity.

5 Card: Actions
The Emperor
You need all your self control and rationality to make an effective decision. Be strong and firm.

6 Card: Results
Eight of Wands
Good messages are on the way. This card heralds swift change, possibly travel and productive activity.

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