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Free Love Tarot Reading: Josh

The Hanged man

The Hanged man

My boy friend Josh broke up with me 3 weeks ago and said he didn't care about me or my kids anymore.
Despite all this I still love him very much.
Do we have a future together?

Your Free Love Tarot Reading

I hope this tarot spread helps you understand where you stand and where your relationship is going.
It seems that you went through difficult times but your fortune is about to change.

First Card: Where We Are Now
The Hanged Man
You are going trough a period of suspension that will allow you a new perspective on the situation.
There has been a lot of dedication and commitment in your relationship but now it is time to break with the past.
Consider matters with serenity and try to reach a detached state of mind that will allow you to let go. You might discover a new freedom and this will give you an unsuspected strength.

Second Card: What Is Causing Us Problems
The Tower
You experienced the disruption of your way of life. Your certainties collapsed suddenly and left you without shelter but from this trauma also a new insight emerged.
Your plans were upturned and suddenly your illusions vanished. This sudden change might be have been painful but also reveling.
This traumatic experience is bringing a new revelation and a major transformation is taking shape even if you can't see it clearly right now.
Get ready for important changes.

Third Card: What We Forgot to Respect
Nine of Swords
You went through a difficult period of anxiety, fear and worries.
Did you forget to take into account your deepest emotions that were warning about something going wrong?

Forth Card: What We Must Express
Page of Pentacles
Good news concerning finances or a new job opportunity are on the way.
Take any opportunity to better your education and be diligent in your work. Learn to express yourself in your daily efforts.

Fifth Card: Our Options
Queen of Pentacles
Concentrate on your abilities and in creating a secure and comfortable environment for your loved ones.
Resourcefulness and responsibility make a firm foundation for prosperity and well-being.

Sixth Card: Where We Are Going From Here
Ace of Pentacles
This card brings the promise for a new, fulfilling relationship.
Keep your eyes peeled also for financial opportunities, it could be the beginning of a new phase of a solid prosperity and material comfort.

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