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Free Love Tarot Reading for Shankar

We have been in a relationship for the last 7 years and also maintained a long distance relationship.

But for the last 6 months we quarreled mainly because of lack of commitment from her.

After many quarrels of this type, one day she told me that we should better break up our relationship but now I can't stand this situation.

We have had no contact for last 3 months.

Will we get back together? I love her so much.


1 How You Love Her
The Hanged Man
You feel suspended and unable to make any decision.

2 How You Hurt Her
The Emperor
You tend to be too dominating in romantic relationships.

3 Your Fear
Two of Swords
You are afraid to make a decision.

4 How She Loves You
Ace of Swords
Your girlfriend has the strength to overcome difficulties.

5 How She Hurts You
Queen of Cups
She can be moody and overly emotional.

6 Her fear
Page of Cups
She fears insecurity and emotional immaturity. She is afraid that your relationship is fading away.

7 Where Are You Going?
A new start is in order. Spontaneity is all you need.

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