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Free Love Tarot Reading for Sany

I like a guy and would like to marry him but it seems that he doesn't reciprocate my feelings.

I would like to know in my free love tarot reading if he does really love me.

Is it possible to have long term committed relationship and marriage with this guy or is there any other special someone for me in the future?


1 Us
Your relationship at this moment.
The Lovers
You face an important and difficult choice.

2 Obstacles
Problems and barriers for a fulfilling relationship.
Queen of Pentacles
You need confidence and emotional maturity.

3 Strength
What makes a solid base for your love.
Nine of Swords
Your love is based on the troubled emotions.

4 Weakness
What makes your love vulnerable.
Nine of Cups
You are close to a tuning point, learn to let go of negative emotions.

5 Communication
Are you in touch with your partner's feelings?
Ace of Wands
A new exciting beginning is waiting for you if you are able to see it.

6 Outcome
Given the present conditions, what could be the outcome of this relationship.
Your pain will teach you to revise your emotional priorities.

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