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Free Love Tarot Reading for Sad

I am very unfortunate in matters of relationships.
By far none of my relations has worked.

In every relationship I get betrayed by the other person.This has left me in a painful situation.

I can't understand why this always happens to me.

I feel very lonely and sad because I have no one to love me ad care for me.

I would like to know the reason for my relationship failures.

Will I ever get true love and a right, sincere partner with whom I will have a lasting, committed relationship and who will bring love and happiness to my life and will take me out of this painful situation?


1 You

Your situation at this moment.
Page of Cups
You are entering a period of emotional development and rebirth.

2 Matching

What kind of love you need.
Have faith in yourself and rely on your inner strength.

3 Expressing

What you must learn to express.
Prepare for a new stage in your life, it is time for renewal and rebirth. Get ready for a new beginning.

4 Giving

What you must be willing to give.
Seven of Pentacles
You are living a moment of pause but steady and patient work will reward you.

5 Receiving

What you must be ready to accept.
Queen of Pentacles
A practical approach to your problems will help you overcome them.

6 Your Love

How to find love.
Nine of Cups
Soon you'll be able to find the love you are longing for.

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