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Free Love Tarot Reading for Ralph

Has any of you ever met someone that you know deep inside that this is the one but they run from you maybe because of fear of losing material gains?

I have. And I have been told from others that what my heart and gut tell me is that they may return.

Meeting my twin flame made me jump in all directions and made my heart and soul sing the same tune. I have never felt so alive before.

I felt so lost without them and to be with them made me so very complete in a way I've never felt.

Do my twin flames know how much love I have for them and do they think of me with love ?


1 Get ready: how to get ready to meet a new person
Eight of Pentacles
Do your homework diligently. Develop your skills and talents. Manage your money wisely.

2 Block: what is preventing you from starting a new relationship
King of Pentacles
Materialism and maybe a certain superficiality are in your way to an harmonious relationship.

3 The Other's Block: the other person's obstacles to a fulfilling relation
Three of Wands
Blocked creativity and shyness are blocks for the other person.

4 Breaking free: how to break free from these blocks
Page of Wands
Inspiration and initiative will help you get rid of these blocks. Good news are on the way.

5 Outcome: what could be the outcome considering the present situation
The Star
This card promises hope and protection. Use your intuition and find your inner wisdom.

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