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Free Love Tarot Reading for Lost Love

I really love a guy but he is not anymore part of my life.

He left last year in January. I have been trying to move on but I am unable to after 7 years together.

I really love this person. He was born on 15th of March 1988.

I would like to know if he will ever come back to me.


Here is your reading, I hope it helps you understand better your relationship and clarify the situation.

1 How You love Him
The Chariot
You will overcome your problems only if you'll be able to stay in control of your conflicting emotions.

2 How You hurt Him
Three of Cups
You think about marriage but he is not ready.

3 My fear
The Devil
You are feeling trapped by an oppressive situation.

4 How He loves You
Ace of Swords
He can be determined and disciplined.

5 How He hurts You
Wheel of Fortune
He started a new chapter in his life without you.

6 His fear
The Empress
He is afraid to be dominated.

7 Where are we going?
Four of Wands
If you can overcome your differences there will be achievements, celebrations and possibly a marriage.

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