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Free Love Tarot Reading for Joanna

7 weeks ago I broke up with a guy with whom I was going out for 3 months.

We had different values and needs. I'm still thinking about him despite those massive class and cultural differences and aspirations.

Is he also thinking of me? Will we get back together? What can I do help the love of my life if it's him or someone else? How can I make my life better in the love area, find the right man and make such relationship work?


Wow, so many questions for one reading!
Let's see what the Tarot have to say about your love life.

1 You
Your situation at this moment.
Page of Wands
You have energy and creative potential. New opportunities and experiences and are on the way.

2 Matching
What kind of love you need.
The Hanged Man
There is a need to reevaluate you priorities, attitudes and goals. Consider having to make a sacrifice to achieve something.

3 Expressing
What you must learn to express.
Seven of Pentacles
You might feel deceived and disillusioned. Reassess your progress and decide what you really need.

4 Giving
What you must be willing to give.
The High Priestess
Listen to your dreams and your inner voice. You must be ready to tap into your hidden potential.

5 Receiving
What you must be ready to accept.
Three of Wands
You must accept the possibility that a new chapter in your life is starting. Travel and change is possible.

6 Your Love
How to find love.
Six of Cups
There is the opportunity to renew an old acquaintance. An old friend or lover may reappear on the scene turning on childhood memories.

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