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Free Love Tarot Reading for Hurt

I have a very strange and unusual kind of problems which has disturbed my life.

Whenever I get involved with someone that person cheats me. This has happened almost in my every relation. Every time that guy refuses to marry and part his ways.

I don't understand why does everyone do this to me. In the beginning everything is good but when it comes to marriage they make excuses not to marry and break up because they don't want marry me.

I would like to know why none of them wants to marry me. What could be the reason behind all these relationship failures?

Will I ever get a sincere man who will be willing to spend his life together with me?

Your Free Love Tarot Reading

1 Get ready: how to get ready to meet a new person
Ace of Wands
You have the energy to open to new interests and start a promising venture.

2 Block: what is preventing you from starting a new relationship
Six of Wands
Assume a winning and assertive attitude to be treated with respect.

3 The Other's Block: the other person's obstacles to a fulfilling relation
The Chariot
Your partners fail to make choices and be centered.

4 Breaking free: how to break free from these blocks
The Lovers
You are faced with a test. Follow your heart to make the right choice.

5 Outcome: what could be the outcome considering the present situation
Three of Swords
If you don't change your ways you are going to experience more emotional pain and sorrow.

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