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Free Love Tarot Reading for Hai

I need a love tarot reading to understand my relationship with my boyfriend.

For the last two years, I have been having so many up and downs with my partner.

At the beginning, when there was the excitement, it was perfect... however later, there were many times when he has left me for another person but always came back.

I really care about him, every time he left, I tried to find as many things to do as possible not to be bound to him so much and it worked even though I still cared for him.

Yet every time I tried to move on like that, he came back, acting hurt which made me decide not to let go.

However, every time it seems to work, he completely destroys me again.

Last time when it seemed we were fine, I found out that he was sharing a relationship with another girl again but he does not know that I know about it.

It seems like he cannot completely let me go but does not even mind I am hurt.

Is loving him worth when we have so many up and downs repeating over and over?

I would like to know if we just do not understand each other or he simply does not love me.


1 How You love Him
Three of Pentacles
You try hard to make this relationship work and you would like your effort appreciated.

2 How You hurt Him
Your tolerance and calm are actually hurting your relationship.

3 Your fear
Eight of Wands
You are afraid of change and impulsive actions.

4 How He loves You
Six of Swords
He is moving away from conflict and stress.

5 How He Hurts You
Ten of Cups
He hurts you when he crashes your dreams of stability and contentment.

6 His Fear
Queen of Wands
He is afraid of a courageous and independent woman.

7 Where Are You Going?
The Moon
Things are going on beneath the appearances. Take into account your intuitions, dreams and listen to your deepest feelings.

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