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Free Love Tarot Reading for Confused

My boyfriend recently broke up with me only because he didn't want to get married.

I would like to know the real cause of this relationship failure. What do I need to know about this relationship?

Was the fact that I was with the wrong guy that lead to this failure?

What could be the possible outcome of this relationship?


You are asking quite a lot of questions for one reading and you are giving a limited back ground picture of your situation.

Let's see if the tarot cards can be of any help.

1 Foundation: basis of the relationship
The Lovers
Obviously this is an important relationship for you and it occupies your thoughts with marriage, love and sex. Consider the consequences before you make an important choice.

2 Obstacles: oppositions to a harmonious relationship
Four of Swords
You need rest and reflection. It is time to take a break after a long period of struggle and incertitude.

3 Advice: guidance from the tarots
Two of Pentacles
You are trying to juggle too many things at the same time. A trip or just taking some distance from it all can be of help.

4 Result: Probable result given current circumstances
The Moon
You are faced with uncertainty and confusion. What is under the surface must come up and secrets have to be revealed. Trust your intuition, your dreams and gut feelings to find your way.

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