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Free Love Tarot Reading for Chadley

At the moment me and my wife are separated.

She took our three sons with her and I don't know where is my family.

I love my wife with my whole heart and I want to stay married to her.

My question to is: "Will my marriage last?"


1 You
Your relationship at this moment.
Knight of Wands
Important decisions have been made swiftly and maybe impulsively.

2 Obstacles
Problems and barriers for a fulfilling relationship.
The Devil
You are trapped by your own passions and unhealthy habits.

3 Strength
What makes a solid base for your love.
Ten of Cups
Your love has a solid base in your family happiness and there is the possibility for an harmonious relationship.

4 Weakness
What makes your love vulnerable.
The Sun
Did success make you arrogant and careless?

5 Communication
Are you in touch with your partner's feelings? Do you express your own emotions?
Seven of Wands
Communication is not always easy but persistence and devotion will help you in this difficult situation.

6 Outcome
Given the present conditions, what could be the outcome of this relationship.
Two of Cups
Despite your problems there is still love between you and a reconciliation is still possible.

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