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Free Love Tarot Reading for Beth

I met a very special soul and I fell in love unconditionally.

I told her about my love but after several months our relationship slowed down so much that I felt as I was being thrown away. I asked her not to do this to me.

I felt that she was acting upon an unfounded fear and I tried to reassure her.

I have never loved anyone so deeply and I never dared to express it. When I told her my truth she ran from the whole matter and came up with excuses.

I hope and pray that I didn't hurt her to the core and that she would one day forgive me and try to reach out again to me.

I know deep in my heart that we are throwing away something special.

What can I do to make her come back to me?


1 Us
Your relationship at this moment.
The Strength
You need to rely on your inner strength and patience to overcome your problems.

2 Obstacles
Problems and barriers for a fulfilling relationship.
Eight of Cups
Your relationship is unsatisfactory at this moment and you might have to pursue a more fulfilling situation.

3 Strength
What makes a solid base for your love.
Two of Pentacles
The situation is very unstable you are juggling many things at the same time.

4 Weakness
What makes your love vulnerable.
Seven of Pentacles
You experience a feeling of failure. Reflection and a reassessment of the situation are in order.

5 Communication
Are you in touch with your partner's feelings? Do you express your own emotions?
Eight of Swords
You feel limited and unable to express yourself. Face your fears to find a solution.

6 Outcome
Given the present conditions, what could be the outcome of this relationship.
Page of Pentacles
Good news. A young person is bringing new opportunities in your life.

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