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Free Love Tarot for Swedesgirl

After being married for close to 19 years, I was unfaithful to my husband, R. He hasn't touched me in 3 years. He would always turn me away. Didn't do much for the self esteem.

I met J in October. It started as an email/text thing but then we got romantically involved. I really didn't feel guilty. I figured my husband was cheating. I don't know any man that can go that long without sex.

Well, R found out about J. I am not a good liar. He insisted I stop talking to him. There was no way I was going to give up the one thing, besides my boys, that made me happy. He insists he didn't cheat.

I had secretly thought about leaving him when the boys were older. He has been very cold and nasty to me and my family. He ended up filing for divorce but won't leave the house. Who does that?

One minute he hates me and the next he loves me. I know he now wants to work things out but lately I can't stand the sight of him. I know I sound mean but I could tell you stories that would make your toes curl.

Well, I have started having strong feelings for J. I think he may feel the same about me. He has been nothing but kind and sweet to me. He is also divorced and I am well aware that he was someone's jerk of a husband. I get very confused. I honestly think if I stay married I will be so unhappy.

I would like to know how things would work out with John. Maybe I should tell them both to pound sand? Thank you for your time!


Seven of Swords
You are feeling uneasy about this situation. Beware of what you say and write, be cunning and diplomatic.

Four of Pentacles
Take care of your finances before you take any risk.

The Moon
Things are not necessarily what they appear. Rely on your intuition.

The Devil
You are trapped in a prison of your own making. Confront your personal demons.

The Empress
Express your creativity and imagination. The right decision will bring success.

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