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Free Love Tarot for Sad and Lonely

We broke up 2 days ago.

We have been together for 2.5 years. We love each other a lot but broke up because of fights.

I try discussing but he thinks I am nagging. He has tried to break up every time we fight but I kept pushing and this time I gave up.

I still feel he is breaking a beautiful relationship over small things but he doesn't.

He has broken up in the past and come back after few days but this time it seems final.

I am very anxious to know if we will get back together.


1 Foundation: basis of the relationship
Two of Pentacles
The situation is difficult to sustain. Maybe it is time to make a decision and go with the flow.

2 Obstacles: oppositions to a harmonious relationship
Five of Wands
There is a lot of wasted energy, fighting and rivalry that makes it difficult to see other points of view.

3 Advice: guidance from the tarots
Change may be painful but it is necessary. Be prepared for a new stage in your life.

4 Result: Probable result given current circumstances
King of Wands
Take charge of your life. Passion and inspiration is around the corner.

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