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Free Love Tarot for Pascaleb

5 years ago there was a knock on the door.
This man I had liked and dreamed about for years had come to me.
He probably knew I had just separated from my partner of 14 years and father of my children but he pretended he didn't.

The atmosphere was charged with desire and nervousness straight away. I knew he had a partner but when I asked about her he said they had been apart for a little while. My instincts told me to be careful but my body and soul were on fire and we soon started seeing each other.

I had never been so excited in my life. We quickly became lovers and I had never felt so strongly about anyone before. I couldn't sleep or eat and was thinking of him all the time. However after a couple of months around the christmas period he explained he had to go back to his "ex" as the whole family would be there and he was the one cooking...

Very quickly I realized he was indeed still with her and had lied to me about having been separated. Still I decided I would carry on seeing him and that I would be his mistress. It was a difficult role to play but selfishly I loved what we had. It was all very exciting,sexy and romantic.

This lasted over 3 years until he got caught. She kicked him out, he came to stay with me and then had a motorbike accident and after a spell in hospital came to live here. But it was no happy ending as whilst he was here he was texting and receiving texts and he was also going to stay with a "friend" sometimes for a night sometimes a whole week-end.

In the end I figured he was cheating on me, probably with her and after a couple of months I asked him to leave. After many comings and goings we carried on having sex for a year, but things had changed. This august he came to spend the day with me and i haven't seen him or heard from him since...

This man has broken my heart. I have loved him more than any other man in my life and despite all the hurt and the fact that i know he is a liar and a cheat i still love him.

So my question is : Will mark come back to me?


The Hanged Man
It is time to reevaluate your situation. You might decide to let go of a poisonous relationship. The right choice can be difficult but in this there is a lesson to be learned.

Six Of Wands
You feel disappointed and mistreated. Misunderstandings and failure of communication might have undermined your relationship.

A cycle is ending and you must be ready for a new phase. It is time for change: embrace renewal and rebirth.

Page of Cups
You are entering a period of emotional rebirth and emotional growth. A young person may surprise you with good and unexpected news.

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