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Free Love Tarot for Paradise Bird

A long time ago, during difficult times in our young lives, I had a friend.

We hung out often, but only had sex once, by the river bank, on my birthday.
After that, there was something important I wanted to tell him, but I didn't know where he was, he used to drift around, finding odd jobs, and often had no address. This is was in the days before Facebook!

Now that there IS the handy internet, we became friends on it a couple of years ago. However, beyond being glad to 'see' each other, we did not exchange much conversation.

We've always shared a sense of humour, but one day he made a joke that referred to the time we hooked up on the river bank, and the only time I saw him after that, when the police came to my house (these were the wild old days, as I said). I said 'Oh no you DIDN'T (make that joke)'

He messaged me and asked for my number. He texted me and then called right away.

We then spoke daily, sometimes all night on the phone, even though we both had to work the next day.

I was happy to talk to him so often, and I really thought we were moving towards getting into a relationship.

We spoke daily for months and exchanged pictures and stories, talked about the past, even though it was difficult emotionally to recall everything that happened.

Due to a car accident, he can't remember as much as I can, and I helped him fill in some blanks.

Then, he unexpectedly started to occasionally get angry, seemingly out of nowhere.

He would go back to normal, but every once in a while he would sort of 'snap'.
When I tried to talk to him about this, I didn't get very far. He suddenly seemed paranoid.

I was very upset. Now, he does not call me anymore. I miss him and I'm confused.

What is the best course of action for me to take in this situation?


1 Us

Your relationship at this moment.
Two of Swords
You are faced with a dilemma and it is difficult to choose the right path to follow.

2 Obstacles

Problems and barriers to a fulfilling relationship.
The Chariot
You need to stay focused and take control of the competing forces that rule your life.

3 Strength

What makes a solid base for your love.
Ace of Wands
A passion for romantic adventures makes the basis of your relationship.

4 Weakness

What makes your love vulnerable.
The Moon
There is an underlying uncertainty and there are secrets that have to be unveiled.

5 Communication

Are you in touch with your partner's feelings? Do you express your own emotions?
King of Pentacles
Try to find a way to communicate with honesty and patience.

6 Outcome

Given the present conditions, what could be the outcome of this relationship.
Nine of Cups
If you'll find a way to communicate openly with your partner, you can expect to fulfill your wishes.

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