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Free Love Tarot for Melin

We meet 5 years ago and there was an instant connection that we both felt deeply.

We started seeing each other and all our insecurities rose to the surface, at times we would almost laugh at how insane we were and how we drove each other crazy but we would always come back together and we'd feel peace.

When moments weren't stressful we had an easy communication, although at the start we were apprehensive, we could say and talk about anything, even if it meant the conversation got heated at times.

I believe we were both scared at what was in front of us and what we had between us. The connection was and still is strong with us being able to feel each other and each others' thoughts and emotions.

I always know when something is 'up' . He's been with someone else for 12 months and it seems to be serious.

The connection is all still there, I even knew the day he proposed to her and his thoughts and feelings.

I just know deep down he's following the same pattern as he had in the past with relationships (I don't fit societies mould of what a 'true partner in a relationship' is meant to be but I'm true to myself and happy).

Is their relationship set in stone or are my feelings right on it?

Will 'we' have a chance to 're-do' history with what we have learnt and try again or am I crazy in my thoughts and 'gut feeling'?
Thank you xx


1 Foundation: basis of the relationship
Page of Pentacles
Keep an open mind and set realistic goals. You may receive soon news that will influence future events.

2 Obstacles: oppositions to a harmonious relationship
Five of Swords
You seem to be acting in a destructive manner. It is necessary to confront reality and put aside your pride to proceed.

3 Advice: guidance from the tarots
Four of Cups
You are confused and experiencing an uncomfortable feeling of emptiness. Don't rush, take time to think before you act.

4 Result: Probable result given current circumstances
Page of Swords
Use your common-sense, discretion and logical thinking. Rely on your detached rationality to consider this situation carefully.

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