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Free Love Tarot for Lily

I really had a tough time.

About six months ago I broke up with my boyfriend because he was not ready and willing to commit.

It really was a very painful decision but I didn't have any other choice.

Then about a month ago I met a guy and I tried to befriend him but so far I haven't got any positive response.

It seems as if he doesn't want any relationship with me.

All this has left me heart broken.

Now I want to reunite with my past lover because I still miss him and I am very lonely.

I really was hopeful that this new guy would bring back happiness but it didn't happen that way.

What insight can the tarot provide regarding these two guys?

Will my past love ever come back to me or will this new guy come up to me one day?

Your Free Love Tarot Reading

1 Present

Your situation at this moment.
The Emperor
Are you looking for your Emperor? Is a domineering figure ruling your life?

2 Matching

What kind of love you need.
Ten of Pentacles
You seem to be looking for security and stability.

3 Expressing

What you must learn to express.
Seven of Wands
Learn to take a stand and hold firm.

4 Giving

What you must be willing to give.
Five of Wands
Channel your energies and accept to fight for your love.

5 Receiving

What you must be ready to accept.
Three of Cups
Be open to joy, healing and celebration.

6 Your Love

How to find love.
Six of Cups
An old lover or childhood friend may reappear in your life.

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