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Free Love Tarot for Lilly

I met him when I was 15 and he was my first boyfriend.
I split with him because he was too intense and he was very distressed. He tried to get back together a few times over the early years but I wasn't at all interested.
Last year I contacted him impulsively over a work website.
We met up and the attraction was instant. He was with a partner but we saw each other as much as we could. I told him he had to make a choice between her and me.
After initially talking about leaving her he decided to stay. I was devastated.
We have tried to stay apart and I have broken it off repeatedly.
I have the strength not too contact him but when he contacts me I give in. He has told me he will never leave his partner even though he says he loves me.
I have broken away from him yet again. What keeps him with her and will we ever be together?


Seven of Wands
You lived a conflictual and painful situation, you had to call on your reserves of courage and strength to overcome it.

The Death
Be ready for a major change. It is time to get rid of situations that you have outgrown and are detrimental to your well-being. This card heralds ends and new beginnings. Transformation leads to growth.

Two of Pentacles
A good decision will help ease the stress and pain in your life. A change of job or a new environment can be helpful.

The Tower
A dramatic change can sometimes lead to an illumination. A moment of truth can show you what really matters.

Three of Cups
Leaving your past behind can be an occasion for celebration. Get ready for a joyful occasion. It's time to have fun, enjoy yourself and embrace a new beginning.

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