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Free Love Tarot for Lavender

I still haven't recovered from my previous break-up.

I have been crying more than a year.

I secretly went out with this man for about 5 months and he persuasively convinced me to leave my ex.

He is younger than me. I trusted this words and promises that he wanted to marry.

I have longing for a dream to have a family and my own children. So I decided break up with my ex. However, he eventually dumped me two weeks after I broke up with my ex and went after another girl who is 8 years younger than me. I am much devastated.

Both this man and I work in the same company. No one in the company knows about our affair. He pretends that we never met in public.

I saw him turn and run away when he happens to come across me. It hurts deep inside especially when I see him running like a mad dog as if he met the disastrous monster.

I am no longer young and I am not rich though. I don't to waste my time on love.

I have learnt my lesson that love is not a measure of happiness but money is.

How could I find a rich soulmate?


1 You
Your situation.
Eight of Pentacles
Concentrate on your work, learn new skills and lay the foundations for a sound financial standing.

2 Matching
What kind of love you need.
The Lovers
You need healing and adjusting. This card can herald a romantic adventure that might require an important choice.

3 Expressing
What you must learn to express.
The Moon
Learn to express your feelings and intuitions.

4 Giving
What you must be willing to give.
Six of Pentacles
Be generous and grateful for what you have.

5 Receiving
What you must be ready to accept.
Nine of Wands
Your position is strong. You are on your way to success, don't give up.

6 Your Love
How to find love.
Eight of Wands
New opportunities, possibly a passionate love affair and travels are on the way. Be ready!

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