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Free Love Tarot for HD11

Hello, I have been confused about a certain person since a long time ago.

He has hurt me a lot of times. I have forgiven him every time but after so many times of getting hurt, I have plenty of fears and doubts concerning what is between us.

I have plenty of doubts and fears concerning what is between us which makes the communication between us fall into a very low level.

Sometimes, I feel like I am just being an option for him even though he seems hurt every time I leave.

It is like he would always rather leave me for another person than try to make things OK.

He always runs away when we have problems instead of trying to make it better.

If it happened again, I do not think I can stand it once more.

It is like every time I get insecure about us, he runs away instead of trying to make it right which makes me more worried day by day, I am not able to communicate openly with him anymore.

He has done it many times and unfortunately, I have a feeling that it is happening again.

I also have a feeling that he has someone else as it actually really happened so many times and every time, it hurt me extremely.

I find it very hard to communicate with him openly after all. I know it even makes things harder but I cannot trust him enough to do so.

I need to know if he really loves me or he is just making a fool of me? Are things going anywhere or I am just being naive?

I have been asking myself this questions a lot of time and trying to decide whether I should finally move on.

Thank you.


1 Us
Your relationship at this moment.
Two of Pentacles
You are trying a very difficult balancing act. Try to go with the flow.

2 Obstacles
Problems and barriers for a fulfilling relationship.
Three of Pentacles
Despite all your efforts he is not involved in the relationship.

3 Strength
What makes a solid base for your love.
Ace of Swords
Out of this difficult situation will come out something new and promising.

4 Weakness
What makes your love vulnerable.
Six of Pentacles
You are too generous and forgiving.

5 Communication
Are you in touch with your partner's feelings? Do you express your own emotions?
Nine of Swords
Express your suffering and disappointment.

6 Outcome
Given the present conditions, what could be the outcome of this relationship.
Page of Swords
Use your intelligence, wit and brain power. A healthy dose of dispassionate rationality will save you from a frustrating situation.

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