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Free Love Tarot for Cucharita

I met her in a magical way and it took off like a rocket, we were both crazy for each other, later we had a few little spats and she had doubts about me settling.

A year and a half down the road she had been 'nesting' and wishing for a proposal that didn't come within her time frame, she broke it off.

15 years since then and we are both single and not in contact although I have made some recent distant moves, planted a seed as it were, no more as I am unsure that its welcome and I'm trying a soft approach.

Whatever I do, I am sure there will be an emotional reaction. She was the love of my life and I think of her every day.

Here are my questions.
Are we connected in a spiritual way of some kind, often I dream about her and sometimes the feelings are intense and leave me obsessed with her for weeks, does she share this connection?
Is a reconciliation in the works or is it just wishful thinking on my part, does she feel anything for me?
Is there hope for getting back 'the one' I was meant to marry?


The Magician
Your indecisiveness, your reluctance to take a chance and maybe your lack of confidence made you bypass an opportunity. Try to understand if you acted with little regard for the needs of others.

Four of Swords
It is time for meditation and a pause. Consider a trip to get away from it all.

Three of Swords
There is a loss you are still mourning about. Sometimes we need to let go of feelings that are causing only pain and anguish.

Ten of Cups
This card heralds contentment, harmonious relationships and spiritual growth. Soon you may have an opportunity to attend a joyous gathering of family and friends.

King of Wands
Cultivate the optimistic, fun loving, passionate and creative side of your personality. Romance is on the way.

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