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Free Love Tarot for Christy

I'm currently in a situation where I have two men interested in me but I see in both flaws that I'm not sure would work out in a permanent situation.

I have yet another man whom I've had feeling for who seems to have moved on.

I recently divorced my husband whom I actually truly love.

I met only one man that I've loved as much as him.

I need advice as how to proceed. I still feel like there is someone else in my future.


1 You
Your situation at this moment.
Five of Cups
You are grieving for a loss or a disappointment. To overcome your grief you must first acknowledge and accept it.

2 Matching
What kind of love you need.
Page of Swords
You are looking for a brilliant and smart young person to fulfill your emotional needs.

3 Expressing
What you must learn to express.
Eight of Swords
You must learn to free yourself from self imposed limits. You feel stuck and unable to express your feelings.

4 Giving
What you must be willing to give.
The Hierophant
This card represents a spiritual search. It is time for giving structure and meaning to your life.

5 Receiving
What you must be ready to accept.
The Death
Learn to leave the past behind. You must learn to accept change to proceed.

6 Your Love
How to find love.
Five of Wands
Challenge and competition are the means to obtain what you are looking for. An assertive attitude will help you in your quest.

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