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Free Love Tarot for Charley

I was married for 16 years and had 2 great kids with a man who never really cared then or now for us and we have no contact with him anymore.

I did not marry young but thought I would be married for a long time but have made peace within myself with things.

I still believe that someday I will find real love and that we can be a happy and supportive family and bring out the best in each other.

I am happy with just me and my kids but hope to someday have a someone to share my life with and be part of my family.

I guess I just want to see if I am on the right track with this.


1 You
Your situation at this moment.
The Lovers
This card often heralds a romantic adventure that involves an important choice.

2 Matching
What kind of love you need.
Two of Wands
You feel restless, you need a change and a new start.

3 Expressing
What you must learn to express.
The World
You are ready to start a new cycle in your life, acknowledge your need for change and progress.

4 Giving
What you must be willing to give.
Page of Swords
Be ready to use your wisdom, rationality and wit to make the best decisions.

5 Receiving
What you must be ready to accept.
King of Pentacles
Be ready to consider a steady, practical and reliable man.

6 Your Love
How to find love.
Seven of Pentacles
Your situation is turning for the better. In the end your patience and dedication will be rewarded.

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