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Free Love Tarot for Aimee

(United Kingdom)

I recently met a handsome and attractive police detective when a member of my family was a victim of crime.
I was attracted to him immediately and felt some kind of spark back from him but because of the situation at the time nothing happened.
The case was closed and I thought nothing more of it until I unexpectedly met him in a cafe.
He was with a colleague and we did not speak but just stared at each other, he made it clear he found me attractive.
I did not have the confidence to speak to him though and since then I cannot stop thinking about him but have no way of seeing him again.
Any help or guidance you could give me about this would be appreciated.


The Moon
In the past there has been uncertainty, confusion and self-deception. Secrets are coming to the surface but things are not necessarily what they seem. Beware of the deceiving light of the moon.

Knight of Cups
This man appeals to your romantic side and tickles your fantasy in a way that is hard to resist.

Seven of Wands
You might have to face an exciting but challenging situation that will require a firm stand from your part.

The Hermit
Take your time, calm and reflection are in order to reach a sensible decision.

The Emperor
You may have to deal with a rival or a dominating partner. Use your rationality.

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