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Free Love Tarot Card Reading

Why has a free love tarot card reading? A real, not automated tarot reading can give you a different perspective of your situation and offer valuable advice.
I decided to offer my visitors completely free tarot readings. Yes, you read right, not computer generated but a real tarot card reading and it’s free!

How to Get Your Free Love Tarot Card Reading

To get a tarot reading, first of all, tell your story and explain your situation in detail.
Make your story interesting and compelling because only the best stories will receive the free love tarot card reading.
Moreover, a full description of your situation will allow a more accurate reading.
Then formulate one single question about your love life.
This is a very important step because better questions inevitably get better answers.
We ask you to do a little work of introspection, ask yourself what is it that you really want to know.
Working out the right question will help you understand yourself and your situation better.
Is it Possible to Divine the Future with Tarot Cards?
Consider tarot reading like a sort of weather forecast.
The cards will define a situation and help you picture the most probable outcome of that situation.
Since the future comes from the present, a better knowledge of the moment you are living will help you foresee your future.
Keep in mind that you always have an active role with the possibility to effectively change the current situation and determine your future.
Tarot cards will bring to the surface your unconscious thoughts and feelings and offer guidance in a moment of uncertainty.
A tarot reading can simplify a situation that you are unable to understand rationally, help you find answers, and take enlightened decisions.

Tarot Card Readings For Singles - What to Ask

Often closed questions that expect a yes or no answer are not the best ones: tossing a coin would achieve the same result but it would not help you much in understanding your feelings and circumstances.
For example, let’s suppose you are in love with Juliet.
Asking “Should I marry Juliet?” won’t get you very far because the yes or no answer won’t provide any insight into the situation.
A better-conceived query would be about the reasons why you are not sure about marrying Juliet and what you are really looking for in your relationship with her.
Think about what are the difficulties you see in this marriage, what are your doubts about it, and what is holding you back.
You might have concerns about your relationship with Juliet that you find difficult to define. In this case, it would be more constructive asking “Why do I have doubts about this marriage?”.
Once you have briefly explained your situation and defined your question, write them in the form below.

What Not to Ask In Love Tarot Readings

Avoid questions that start with “when” or “where”.
Tarot cards rarely give a time or space frame to their answers.
If you are tempted to ask “When will I find my soul mate?” ask instead “How can I get ready to find my soul mate?” or “How can I overcome blocks to meeting my soul mate?”.
Don’t ask about other people, their feelings or doings. It would be unfair and pointless as you are only in control of your own emotions and actions.

Use a Pen Name

If you want to protect your privacy use a pen name, it will help you find your reading easily.

You’ll see in the title something like “Free Love Tarot Reading for XYZ”, where XYZ stands for your pen name.

Soon you’ll have your free real tarot card reading on our pages with your tarot card meanings explained.

Was The Tarot Love Reading Accurate?

Did the reading help you? In which way? Did you enjoy it? Can I improve? How? I love to hear from you!
Please, after you have gone through your reading, leave a comment.
Your involvement is what keeps me going, I really appreciate it!

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