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Free Love Tarot Card Reading Online

Describe the current state of your relationship. Find out if your partner is having problems. Also, find out how to avoid or solve them. And as always, the answers are already in you. The true oracle is YOU. 

However, if you still want to use cards to get suggestions and to job your own intuition, go ahead and use the cards. 

The cards can be used to predict your future, such as love, romance, soulmate, and partner Tarot card readings. This is not the same as prophesies that use calculations of year, date and time of birth. The exact result of each prediction or card selection might vary. Your intention and concentration at the moment of selection will determine how accurate your prediction or card selection is. It is important to focus hard in order to get the best outcome.

Love Reading Tarot Spread – How You Do it

Once you feel ready, focus on the task at hand, and then close your eyes. Next, take a deep breath in and out for a few minutes. Ask for you inner power to use these sacred objects and get a hint of your fortune through love, romance, or soulmate Tarot card reading. 

Next, close your eyes and select one tarot deck. Your journey begins!

We recommend that you continue to complete the task at hand even if the time is not available or you are in a hurry. When you feel ready, return to the Tarot cards and take the time to examine your soul. 

The Best Tarot Card Reading Is Given by YOU

The answers are already in you, with our without cards. You are the true oracle that decides how to interpret the cards. You create your past and future at this moment. Nothing is set in stone. You can mold your reality, and you do it all the time. 

May you use your powers out of your heart. As you give unconditionally, to yourself and others, there will be even more love in your life.

Tarot of Love Online

Free love tarot online services give you insight into your visions of the past and future of your relationship. The cards are there to spur your imagination. What you think gradually becomes your reality. Because of that, you are the master of your destiny and decide how to interpret the cards. 

As such, the cards are more of an oracle for love, and a way to help you decide what future you want to create, rather than a love forecast that is written in stone. 

The most significant difference between horoscopes and tarot is that the tarot doesn’t attempt to predict the future. Instead, it encourages reflection and allows us to understand subtle developments and aspects in our major life questions.

Although this is a free reading of the tarot, it can be very useful if you use the cards in a self-empowering way. Many people are faced with questions such as “Does she love me?” Or “Does he love me?” Or “What’s the future of our relationship?” It is hard to answer such questions about love and sentiment, since your present state of mind constantly creates and alters your past and your future. However, you can use the pattern of the current love tarot to guide you, if you so wish.

If you want, you can give equal importance to all cards when reading the tarot of Love. Some cards, such as The Lovers, tend to attract more attention than other cards, much because people doing Love tarot are looking for love. 

Additionally, don’t overrate cards that hint at conflict or change. If you do, your own thoughts may focus on and believe in conflict in your love life. And you get what you intensely think about most of the time. Since you are the ultimate creator of your life.  

For the Tarot to interpret love issues, it is a good rule of thumb. However, they shouldn’t replace our feelings or decide our own individual actions. The cards do not have power in and by themselves, unless you choose to grant them that power.

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