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Free Automated Tarot Readings

Enjoy these free automated tarot readings. I screened the best free tarot card readings online for you.
A free tarot online reading cannot be compared with a tarot interpretation done by a real person but virtual tarot is all the rage on the web and many sites offer a free tarot card reading online.
Virtual tarot can also be useful to become familiar with tarot interpretation and lead you eventually to your own readings or can become the life of a party and liven up the most boring meetings.
I checked these free automated tarot readings for safety and gave unbiased reviews of the best free tarot card reading online for the convenience of our visitors.
At the end of this page, with a user-friendly form, you can express your opinion about the best virtual tarot (or the worst!) and add a comment to other visitors’ entries.
It’s your chance to express your preferences and share your findings. We are all ears!

Best Free Automated Tarot Readings Online

Only one card spread and three tarot decks to choose from but the interpretation is extremely engaging and always pertinent. Don’t be fooled by the apparently plain tarot layout, it goes straight to the point!
The cards will examine how you feel about yourself, your desires, your fears, what is going on for you and against you, and finally the outcome of the current situation.
This spread can be used for specific questions or to find out what you should know about your situation.
The reading is done with the Major Arcana, an elegant and powerful choice that makes this virtual tarot the best I found online so far.
Totally free and personalized consultation that takes into account the name, time and place of birth of the user. As far as I know, this is the only program that analyses the name (according to numerology and the name meaning), the astrological coordinates, and the topic of consultation to draw the cards and provide an answer to the question. The result is a very personalized reading.
You can choose between two formats: consultation with the gypsy (a tree cards spread) or with the decans, a four cards layout. Both formats give the option of using and antique-looking deck, rich in colors and imagery, and a black and white one with rather primitive and somehow mismatched pictures.
Despite the fact that both decks are composed of only the major arcana, the final readings are interesting and relevant to the question.
Choose between 8 interesting decks and 7 tarot spreads. We love the images of the The Sacred Circle Tarot deck. Option to include the reversed cards. This free tarot card reading online is easy to navigate and offers readable tarot interpretations.
A new age-inspired reading, just click on the cards and you have your 3 card tarot reading with bright Gaian Tarot cards.
Extensive 15 cards tarot reading with tarot de Marseille. No registration is required. The explanation for so many cards can get a little confusing but nevertheless, it is intriguing.
Free three-card tarot reading with an original tarot deck and easy-to-understand interpretations.
Enjoy this free automated tarot reading. Easy to use, click on a card to turn it and twice to read the interpretation. Only one tarot card deck but six spreads to choose from. The tarot interpretation tends to be rather obscure but always intriguing.

You can select between 11 spreads including the classic Celtic cross and the interesting twisting path tarot spread.20 tarot decks to choose from. The Golden Tarot Deck is exquisite, a modern rendition of Medieval artwork but probably our favorite is the Minchiate Tarot, traditional cards drawn from an 18th-century deck. You can also choose a significator and card reversal. The only fault in our opinion is the black background that can make reading too tiring.

Choose between the classic spreads and the love tarot spreads. It is not possible to choose the deck. It’s easy to get lost in this website that is too crammed with ads.
An interesting website suggested by a visitor. Thank you!

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