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Free Angel Tarot Reading for Moving On

It is now a long time that I feel stuck in my life, unable to take a new direction.

I also got very isolated and close off from the world.

I wish I could feel the strength of will inside myself to leave the past behind and start afresh.

What could help me along with this impasse?


Your angel is Vasariah. He gives us the ability to overcome our troubles and helps us find a nurturing environment. He brings us inner strength to face daily challenges and reach our goals.

1 You
 - Your situation at the moment.
Forgiveness: leave behind your dissatisfaction

2 Barriers - 
What is limiting you.
Sharing: don't be afraid to give

3 Actions
 - What can I do to make things better?
Understanding: live in harmony with yourself and others

4 Result - 
Where am I going from here?
Peace: you need calm and serenity

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