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Free Angel Tarot Reading for Lonely

I have always been betrayed in relationships.

By far none of my relationships has culminated into marriage.

Although I tried hard to make my relations work, I always fail to make it successful.

Recently my relationship ended and because of this I am really shattered.

I really am in search of a right partner with whom I can have a lasting, committed relationship but still I haven't met that person.

I would like to know the cause of my relationship failure.

Will I ever find true love and the right partner with whom I will have a lasting, committed relationship?

What will help in bringing true love to my life which will give me a happy ending?


1 Get ready: how to get ready to meet a new person
Patience: don't be in a hurry

2 Block: what is preventing you from starting a new relationship
Choice: change is always possible

3 Breaking free: how to break free from these blocks
Compassion: care about others' needs

4 Outcome: what could be the outcome considering the present situation
Abundance: something special is on the way

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