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Looking for free angel readings? Send us your question and receive an angel tarot reading on our pages. Here you can also browse the best free automated readings of angel tarot cards.

How to Get your Free Reading

Tell us your story in detail. Make it interesting and engaging because only the best stories and questions will be answered.

Avoid questions that start with "when" and "where" and questions that expect a "yes" or "no" for an answer.

These questions won't clarify your situation and the answer won't tell you anything really useful.

Use a pen name to find your page easily.

Don't forget to add the day and month of your birth to find out about your birth angel.

What to Expect from an Angel Tarot Reading

Angels have often been pictured as messengers and it comes across as appropriate that angel tarot cards bring us a message of peace, comfort and healing.

You can get free angel readings here, no tricks, no gimmicks and no membership required.

Just formulate your question in the form below as clearly as possible.

Sign with your own name or a pen name to safeguard your privacy.

You'll be asked to give your e-mail only if you wish to be notified when your answer will be live on our pages.

If you choose to give us your e-mail, don't worry, it is in safe hands.

We will only use it to let you know when your free angel reading is live on the website.

Angel Card Deck

The reading is done proudly by me with my new Angel Tarot deck.

In the best tarot tradition there are 22 cards that show angel pictures from the South American tradition  in muted soft colors.

Each angel is named and carries a specific message according to his profile.

Can you See the Future with a Free Angel Reading?

Angel tarot cards are the perfect instrument for gentle guidance and counseling especially in time of trouble and unrest.

Angel tarot can help you draw a picture of your current situation in a serene way.

As the future proceeds from what you live in the present, angel tarot cards can foresee the future and guide you to wise decisions.

What to Ask for a Free Angel Reading

The act of sitting down and formulate your question is the first step to find an answer.

If you take the time to write a clear query you'll receive a better, more useful response.

In order to obtain a good answer we must ask a good question.

Sometimes formulating the best questions will explain us as much as the answer itself.

Often the quires that expect just a yes or no answer are not the best.

Let's suppose that you are about to purchase a house and you want to know if it is a good investment.

Asking "Shell I buy that house?" or "Should I buy that house?", won't get you very far.

Reflecting on what are you really trying to acquire with this new house and why, could lead to a better question to ask in an angel reading.

A better question could be "What are my priorities in choosing a new home?" , "Why am I uncertain about this purchase?" or "What do I expect to find in this new house?".

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