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Free Angel Readings: Re-unite

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and now we are on a long distance relationship.

He said he can´t explain his current condition with his duty and since he knows I would definitely be hurt.

He told me he has another relationship.

How does he really feel about me? Is there a chance we can still get back together?

Your Free Angel Reading

Your angel is Nanael. This angel brings the gifts of generosity and altruism while teaching us to fight negative thinking.

He also helps us modify our wrong attitudes.

Nanael allows us to do our job without too much effort and protects us during travel.

Angels, Detail of the Sistine Madonna, c.1514

Angels, Detail of...


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This is what the Angels want you to know about your relationship.

1 Foundation: basis of the relationship
Compassion: care about others' needs

2 Obstacles: oppositions to a harmonious relationship
Forgiveness: leave behind your dissatisfaction

3 Advice: guidance from the angles'cards
Peace: you need calm and serenity

4 Result: Probable result given current circumstances
Change - Changing is not impossible

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