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Free Angel Reading: True Love

Why have I had the worst time with men?

The ones that commit are not faithful and the rest always chose another girl to be committed to.

Date of birth: August 14.


Don't despair, your Angel of birth is Omael. The gifts he brings are happiness and health. He can help us get in touch with nature to better understand and interact with our environment. He heralds harmony, protection and a fruitful relationship.

Here is your angel card reading

1 Get ready: how to get ready to meet a new person
Communication - You can't always get what you want

2 Block: what is preventing you from starting a new relationship
Simplicity - The biggest obstacle is yourself

3 Breaking free: how to break free from these blocks
Create - Find out what you really want and ask for it

4 Outcome: what could be the outcome considering the present situation
Change - Changing is not impossible

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