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Free Angel Reading for Sofia

Some months ago I've met a guy I started to grow feelings for. During summer things between me and him seemed to start evolving, but common friends tried to pull us together, and it worked exactly the opposite way.

Both of us were pressured and both him and I pulled apart, which sent me to a deep anxiety and uncertainty. I never had a relationship before, reason why external interference made me grow more insecure and anxious. Him, on the other side, just recently ended a long term relationship, and had previously told me he found me interesting but preferred to get to know me better in the meantime.

When we started to pull apart, I managed to find some control and equilibrium through prayer and meditation, and started to seek help of God to actually guide me and, if it was possible, to make things work between me and this guy.

Truth to be told, he got slightly closer since then, but between mediation and my prayers I'm still not sure wether or not me and him could be heading to a future together. Some days I'm certain it will work out, others I simply lose my strength and faith and continue to ask for help, advice and guidance. I can't help to think there's something that draws me closer to him, like if we are connected, but I am at the same time always afraid I might be misleading myself . To make things worse, my grandmother (which I was very close to) got sick and passed away quite recently...

My question is: What is the long term outcome of this relationship with this guy? Could it be possible that time will bring us together?



The angel associated with your birthdate is Ahayah.

This angel teaches us honesty and integrity. He helps us in legal matters and he will support us whenever we try to re-establish the truth. He will also help those who are trying to connect with the divine.

Ahayah brings us the gifts of love, happiness, tidiness, prosperity and love for justice.

He offers his protection in economic and legal troubles. He supports politics, business, entrepreneurial activities and sciences.

And this is what the angels want you to know: Forgiveness - Overcome grudges and resentments.
It is up to you to let go of rancor that may stop your spiritual growth. We all must learn to forgive the others and ourselves if we want to proceed in our path.
Learn to let go and time will bring you gifts of joy and fulfillment.

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