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Free Angel Reading for Rajeev

I lost in several political elections. What steps should I take next and what will be my destiny?

Your Free Angel Reading

Your angel is Nanael. This angel brings the gifts of generosity and altruism while teaching us to fight negative thinking. He also helps us modify our wrong attitudes. Nanael allows us to do our job without too much effort and protects us during travel.

Let's find out what angels want you to know about your life purpose and your next steps in your career.

1 Card: What you have learned in the past
Sharing - Draw from your wealth of inner wisdom

2 Card: What you are currently learning
Joy - Joy is closer than you might think

3 Card: What steps you should take right now
Peace - You need detachment and calm

4 Card: How you can help others
Acceptance - Embrace and welcome diversity

5 Card: Your life's purpose
Generosity - Never forget to give from the heart

Winged Figure

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