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Free Angel Reading for Erica

Most of my life I've felt as though there is something out there for me but I don't know how to find it.

I feel as if everyday I'm just going through the motions until I will find what I've been placed here to do.

I've started my spiritual journey and I am ready to take on whatever I have been put here for!

I just wish I knew what direction to head in.

Where should my focus lie in trying to find and pursue my life's purpose?

My date of birth is October 6th.


Hello Erica!

Your angel is Hahahel.

He helps us in our spiritual pursuit and will assist us in the completion of humanitarian work.

This angel can guide us in mystical quests. He guides us when we try to help others.

Hahahel's gifts for you are: altruism, dedication, introspection, hope, courage, faith, strength, luck and enthusiasm.

And here is your reading.

1 Card: You
Your position now

Sharing: don't be afraid to share your gifts

2 Card: Your Fear
What scares you

Acceptance: you are going through a transformation

3 Card: Positive Influence
What had a good impact in your life

Awareness: you are evolving

4 Card: Promise
Make yourself a promise (and keep it!)

Simplicity: keep it plain and easy

6 Card: Result
The outcome given the present situation

Confidence: don't resist change

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