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Free Angel Reading for Debbie

I am a single mom and need a job that will pay good so I can get a home for me and my children.

I am in my mom's house and she has passed away and it now belongs to my brothers and sisters.

The deal is they are letting me stay here a couple of more years but they are going to sell it after that.

Because I am staying here they are not going to give me any money from the house after sold.

I hope I can get a new job and be able to get a home for me and my kids.


Your angel is Achaiah. He brings us intelligence and the ability to manage difficult situations. He allows us to discover the truth behind false appearance an helps us with communication.

1 Card
Angels' guidance about abundance
Awareness - You are evolving and learning

2 Card
Blocks to abundance
Change - Changing is possible

3 Card
Your next step
Freedom - Try to understand what you really want

4 Card
How to keep abundance flowing in your life
Experience - Try new things without fear

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