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Free Angel Reading for Anonimus

Free Angel Reading for Anonimus

I am 21 old girl feeling disoriented in life.

I really want to became a different person, better, more friendly, confident, relaxed with more love for the world and people.

Also I want to find my life purpose.

What is the truth, what should I do to relax my mind and body and to become the person I always wanted to be.


Hello Anonimus!

Your angel is Menadel.

This angel can help us recognize and overcome our mistakes.

He helps us understand better who we are and where we are going.

His help will support us whenever we have to cope with a new and difficult environment. He will also help those entering a new profession.

Menadel brings the gifts of compassion, love, forgiveness, flexibility, success, loyalty and healing.

He offers his protection against negative energies and illness.
He supports the arts and medicine.

And this is what the angels want you to know.

1 Card: Problem
The root of the problem
Take your life in your hands

2 Card: Approach
How you address your problem
Dedicate some time to other people's needs

3 Card: Solution
How to solve it
Give from the heart

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