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Erotic Tarot Cards by Milo Manara

Discover erotic tarot cards by acclaimed Italian artist Milo Manara.

Erotic Tarot of Manara

Maurilio Manara, better known as Milo Manara is a visual artist renowned for the sensual quality of his works.

His drawings have clean and elegant lines and the subjects are witty, whimsical and sexy.

After abandoning architectural studies and a career as a painter, Milo Manara become a cartoonist in the late sixties, achieving celebrity as author of sexy-erotic stories.

He transformed the erotic comics with his elegant and unmistakable trait, witty humor and great abilities as a narrator.

Milo Manara worked with Hugo Pratt, creator of Corto Maltese cartoon stories and with world famous movie director Federico Fellini.

His most successful stories often take place in a surreal atmosphere. The characters are beautiful, sexy women that find themselves in improbable plots that create bizarre, erotic situations.

In these erotic cards, Milo Manara creates a fusion of tarot symbols, astrology and sex in a personal interpretation of the 78 tarots.

The Major Arcana follow the typical tarot deck structure except for The Punishment and the Mirror that take the place respectively of the Hanged Man and the Wheel of Fortune.

The Minor Arcana instead of the classic suits of wands, swords, pentacles and cups, are named with the corresponding elements of fire, air, hearth and water.

The artwork is vibrant in bold colors and the deck comes with a booklet that explains the meaning of each tarot card.

Are These Erotic Tarot Cards for You?

This tarot deck makes an interesting addition to any tarot collection but its use for divination purposes seems quite far far fetched.

Someone may find disturbing some of the images that depict extraordinary creatures going after vulnerable girls or pictures that suggest abuse or rape about to happen.

I would suggest this tarot deck to the art, tarot and comics collectors more that to the avid tarot scholar.

A less explicit and more delicately erotic tarot deck could be the Tarot of Casanova by artist Luca Raimondo and published as well by Lo Scarabeo.

The scenes on the Casanova tarots take place in eighteenth century Venice and depict the characters in erotic postures in period scenarios.

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